As a plumber, it’s likely that your job involves the repairing, removal and installation of a variety of metal types on a daily basis. Because of this, you may have a regular supply of spare or unwanted metals that you intend to sell. If this applies to you, our metal experts are here to help.

Buying metals from All Metals Recycling

We sell a variety of pipes and fittings, so whatever you need, we can source it for you. Specific shapes, sizes and materials are not a problem either- we can cut our metals down to size to save you a task.

Recycling your metals

We know that as a plumber, you regularly acquire broken or unwanted metals from your job, such as copper pipes and radiators, and that finding the best deal for purchase of your scrap metals isn’t always easy. We buy almost all types of scrap metal, even that which is used, cracked or broken, and with our best price guarantee, if you are offered a better price from someone else, we will make sure to beat that price every time. To save you time we are happy to collect from you.

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